LifePrint3D Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Life Print 3D is a way to commemorate your loved one with a unique 3d printed sculpture. It is a way to embrace the sweet memories of your loved one every day. All life is born from the explosions of solar furnaces. The dust of our bodies belongs to the universe and to the universe it shall return. LifePrint produces vessels for your loved ones to continue their journey through the stars. The risk of love never depletes; It grows stronger and more dangerous with time. But, it is in the total surrender of all defense, That we, no matter weak or strong, No matter willing or captive, No matter what, we truly experience love. Love is truly the only risk worth taking. -Kris Hydmore Commemorate your greatest life experience. Your very own LifePrints can be created from the carbon in cremation ashes, a lock of hair, or both. LifePrints can be generated using the actual DNA of your loved one. We'll need an object that has their DNA, a lock of hair that has been plucked (and not cut) is all we need. You can also save a bit of saliva or a snip of skin from a cuticle. We have developed code that takes this information and generates a unique mandala, a snowflake to remember your precious snowflake by. Just as your loved one was one of a kind, this model will be one of a kind. In addition, LifePrint has a library of models you can choose from. We will also produce custom models and we can generate models directly from photographs. How Does It Work? LifePrint uses 3D printing to fuse the ashes of your loved ones into a unique sculpture. Our printer makes use of layers of dust which are bound together in a way that will allow it to last a lifetime. We mix approximately one teaspoon of cremated ashes into the sandstone which serves as a base for the model.